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GN, brings in a process to procurement. Manufacturers are carefully interviewed and their systems audited before being provided an approved vendor status...
GN works with all their clients and vendors as partners forming a single team for a common goal.
About Us
S.Ganesh & Nagendra Co is a 55 year old organization which started by manufacturing tapioca products & trading in rubber. It is a 3rd generation business with the following business activities:-

1) Chemicals International & Domestic trading (inorganic & petrochemical).
2) Agro commodities trading & processing of pulses.
3) Flour & Starches Manufacturing / Trading.
The transformation from being dual agro business to multi product/international trader entity came about. Thanks to its ability to dynamically act to market changes to develop purchase outsourcing in the last decade, when GN & Co faced raw material deficit & demanded imports to meet its requirement for both flour mill & processing of pulses.
GN & Co succeeded in fulfilling the in-house needs & then started trading the raw material (commodities), thanks to its ability to build a stable, efficient supply chain & ethical business practices. This ability to build a strong supply chain in trade conservative countries such as Vietnam, Iran, Myanmar, and Africa proved its ability to convert barriers into achievable challenges. Over the years, our ability to build supply chain for new product / new market in short time developed a project management team to meet the fast changing customer process / demands. GN & Co now has suppliers / agents working 24 hours a day in different time zones/different continents from Indonesia to Argentina.
This success can be attributed to the following:-
1) Traditional values with modern outlook.
2) Ability to bridge Indian requirement with international standards in terms of quality, quantity, and customization.
3) Ability to build supply base / relationship in sourcing countries by fulfilling supplier's expectations in terms of volume, continuous contracts & offering JIT, stable supply for buyers.
4) Emphasis of being the best cost provider.
5) Best practices (ethical) in all businesses from end to end.
Today, we cater to a wide range of selected industrial customers such as textiles, paper mills, detergent, safety matches, fireworks, food, etc. with its infrastructure of warehousing in port cities & branch offices in cluster towns of India (Erode, Sivakasi, Trivandrum, Karur.) and also offices in Singapore & China.
Location :- Nagercoil (H.O).
Entity :- Proprietorship.
Banker :- Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd
State Bank of India
KVB. (Nagerkoil branch).
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